May 27 • 31M

Four Trauma Responses: Chance or Choice?

Season 7, Episode 90

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Neurosurgeon and writer Dr. W. Lee Warren, MD delivers daily prescriptions from neuroscience, faith, and common sense on how to lead a healthier, better, happier life. You can’t change your life until you change your mind, and Dr. Warren will teach you the art of self brain surgery to get it done.
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I’ve Discovered Four Different Ways People Respond to the Hard Things Life Brings

The question is, are you going to wait to discover how you respond to your massive thing, or are you going to try to build your life so as to predict a healthier response when it happens to you?

This episode breaks down the four types of responses I’ve noticed after “The Massive Thing” or TMT happens. It doesn’t have to be chance for you, friend. But you can’t change your life until you change your mind.

Scripture: Romans 12:2, Psalm 71:14

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