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Hope Talks #2: Traci Rhoades Leads Us from Shaky Ground

Season 7, Episode 89

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When life seems out of control, how do we find solid ground again?

Traci Rhoades is an author, speaker, and social media spiritual influencer from Michigan. She joins me today for an inspiring Hope Talk to discuss what to do when we find our lives on shaky ground.

Traci has a great Substack letter, which I highly recommend, and I love her website and Twitter account. She has much to teach us about the church, spiritual disciplines (her writing reminds me of Richard Foster), and how to hold on during hard times.

Her books are Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost: A Story of Church, and Shaky Ground: What to Do After the Bottom Drops Out.

This was a great talk, and I’m excited to introduce you to a new friend today.

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Traci Rhoades

She was so kind to read my new book and is one of my inside-the-jacket endorsers. Here’s what Traci had to say about Hope is the First Dose.

“Lee Warren opens himself up entirely to being seen, and he ministers to readers in the process.”

—Traci Rhoades, author of Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost

You can click on the cover below to pre-order Hope is the First Dose.

Scripture mentioned: II Timothy 3:15


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