I'm one of those girls too! My Daddy died because of meth. He was type 1 diabetic and knew he was dying, told my step mom to leave him alone because he was dying. My step mom didn't call an ambulance because she was high along with him and didn't want to get in trouble. I hated her almost all my life because he cheated on my Mom with her and would take me and my little brother on his excursions... but in the last few years I've forgiven her and we're now Facebook friends. I'm almost the same age he was when he died (39). It's so crazy to know that he died 24 years ago, in July. July is a difficult month for me but God gave me our 3rd son, Skyler, July 11th, a 7/11 baby 👶, and boyyy does that boy go 24/7!

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